40th Anniversary of China-Belgium Diplomatic Relationship Series Photo Exhibition: China Story in Leuven

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Group T, Belgium [Time]    2011-11-22 15:54:27 
 The evening of November 16 witnessed the opening of Photo Exhibition: China Story in Leuven, with more than 200 guests sharing the moment. At the Museum hall of Catholic University Leuven, against the backdrop of fourteenth century sculptures, eighty photos were on display from Chinese photographer Steve Zhao and Leuven photographer Monique Jansen. They told the stories from afar China through the lens. The event was co-organized by Leuven Chinese School and Confucius Institute @ Group T, sponsored by City Leuven, Catholic University Leuven and the Chinese Embassy.

Ambassador Liao Liqiang gave speech

Mr. LIAO Liqiang, Chinese Ambassador, and Mohammed Ridouani, Vice Mayor of City Leuven attended the function. In his congratulatory speech, Mr. Liao commented that a Chinese cultural event at a Flemish historical buildingmeant more than an exhibition, but an exchange of cultures. He hoped that there should be more activities for the Chinese community and Belgian community to know more about each other. MrRidouani thought highly of the organizers to be actively involved in the city’s cultural events, and to make efforts to be integrated in the multi-ethnic society. According to him, there was now an international community from 151 countries, with an increasing Chinese group. The photo exhibition was on the city’s 2011 agenda. Besides, the Chinese School and Confucius Institute also participated in the city’s World Multi-ethnic Festival and the celebration of renovation of Kessel-Lo.

Mohammed Ridouani, Vice Mayor of City Leuvenwent to give speech

More and more Belgians become fascinated with Chinese topics, but it’s not easy to really understand it because of thewidecultural gap. Steve Zhao, a physicist before a photographer, devoted himself to the image-making project of Chinese land and people, with its poetic style, leaving beauty and smile to the world. Monique, the local photographer visited China three times, enchanted by the different experience, to explore the living of ordinary Chinese people and border ethnic groups. It may differ as to where to find, what to take and how to interpret,but they have the same motivation and passion to record the China stories with heart. The bridge of cultural exchange they are building with lens lures more people to find out the stories behind the pictures.

WimPolet, Director of Confucius Institute at Group T gave speech

At the ceremony, Mr. ZHANG Zhiyong, Chief of Leuven Chinese School and MrWimPolet, Director of the Confucius Institute at Group T also gave speeches respectively. They talked about the Chinese language teaching and cultural activities in the past year, hoping to make more progress and be of help for local people to communicate with China. An awarding ceremony also took place on the same evening. Seventeen local students were granted prizes for their excellent performance in the Chinese calligraphy contest. The contestants of 97 were from Catholic University Leuven, Ghent University, Institute Superieur de TraducteursetInterpretes, Haute Ecole de Bruxelles, UniversitéCatholique de Louvain,Free University Brussels, and three Confucius Institutes, etc.

Counsellor Wang and Counsellor Liu awarded the winners of Chinese calligraphy contest

The exhibition of China Story offered one more outlet to touch with China, attracting visitors including young students, career people, retired seniors, and housewives. Some of them were studying Chinese, or went to or will go to China, or had a Chinese wife or kid. Some Chinese parents explainedthe Chinese stories to their children. In the visitor’s comment book, the remarks can be found such as “The beautiful works bring me back to the days in China.” in naive Chinese handwriting.

At the corner of the archaic museum-hall, Chinese tea ceremony was being made in the traditional Chinese furniture and music. After the photo tour, some would sit to sip Chinese tea, eat Chinese Dim Sum, and learn “nihao” or “xiexie”, enjoying the oriental immersion. About 600 local people came to the exhibition from November 16-20.

Belgian performers played Chinese bamboo flutes

The local people visited the photo exhibition

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